Browser & Technical Issues

Getting started

You may run into some of these issues while viewing the courses:

  1. Computer speed
  2. Internet speed
  3. Browser compatibility and capability
  4. Mobile devices

1. Computer speed: You should be equipped with a current computer that is capable of supporting streaming software, video, and audio technologies. We recommend viewing courses using desktops, laptops, and large screen tablets.

2. Internet speed: You should be connected to a reliable Internet network. There will be times your Internet might disconnect or its speed become to slow to view the videos. Some videos will buffer or jump. We made sure to create these course as small as possible in order to help avoid this issue.

3. Browser compatibility and capability: Most current Internet browsers are able to support most streaming technologies, however, some will display items differently than others. Browsers most effective include FireFox, Safari, and Chrome, Edge. Due to recent changes in the Chrome browser, you may face difficulties accessing Flash-enabled content. If you experience any difficulties with Chrome, follow these steps to enable Flash in your Chrome settings (both Mac and Windows):

  • Open Chrome and in the address bar, enter chrome://settings/content.
  • On the Content settings screen, find the Flash Player listing. Check the status.
  • Select Allow sites to run Flash, and then click Done.
  • To manage Flash Player settings by site, click Manage exceptions.
  • On the Flash exceptions screen, enter the website domain and then choose Allow.  When finished adding sites, click Done.
  • Close the Content settings screen.

4. Mobile devices: With the increasing use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets it is tempting to view theses course through these devices. It may be convenient, however, some of the content and formatting will be lost due to space and size restrictions. For best viewing please use a laptop or desktop. 

5. Live Chat, could have some browser and capability issues, if you can not contact us through using Live Chat, then send us an email. 

If you have any issues Contact Us or Live Chat.